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Current Art December-January

~●•MagnetiZe~ UniT Art•●~
~Jadeyu Fhang~
~Tani Thor~

•Musical Performance By Ultraviolet Alter & Morlita Quan

~●•Promotional Machinima By Morghana Savira from PyramidCafeTv•●~

~Jadeyu Fhang~
[[ Jadeyu In ~MagnetiZe~ UniT Art]] :

Jade Art Sim "Song Bird":

Jadeyu Gallery:

More Works:

~Tani Thor~
Tani Thor in MagnetiZe~Unit Art~ 

Tani Thor came into being one cold day in December 2007, like a Christmas surprise, on a journey of discovery in a paralell world full of pixels and sensations.
I wandered for months in this virtual world discovering places and people but my first contact with art came about by chance. 

I don't consider myself an artist or a createor, I don't study and rarely look into things in detail, but  rather my 'things'  (I don't like to call them 'works') come together  instinctively.
I work  prims simply using my personal taste in form and colors: 'art' is  another matter!

You won't find notecards explaining my 'things': each person should see in  them whatever their instincts suggest,  the name of each item will give some  clue about the direction I meant their imagination to take when I made the object...

My approach to photography in SL is also instinctive, like the rest of my work... one or two shots at the most, to capture the fleeting feeling. 

To buy my workart this is my gallery:

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